OTW Series

Glass Wall Transparent LED Screen

OTW Glass Wall Series

Glass wall LED display; LED transparent screen;
Glass wall mounted display;
Match with glass perfectly;
High transparency; High brightness

High Transparency

OTW series is based on AUROLED side-lighting technology,
its 75% high transparency and some types can reach 90% -
it will have no any effect on indoor “day lighting”!

Customized Size

OTW series’ cabinet size can be customised
according to the building glass size.
It is mounted on the glass wall but displays towards outside.

Easy Maintenance

OTW series support from maintenance.Individual strip design with Plug and Play.

Omega SMD

Traditional SMD

Product Series ATW-0507 ATW-0608 ATW-08 ATW-10 ATW-12 ATW-16
Pixel Pitch H-5mm ; V-7mm H-6mm ; V-8mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm
Pixel Density 28571 dots/㎡ 20834 dots/㎡ 15625 dots/㎡ 10000 dots/㎡ 6944 dots/㎡ 3906 dots/㎡
LED Configuration SMD4312 (1R1G1B) SMD4312 (1R1G1B) SMD4312 (1R1G1B) SMD4312 (1R1G1B) SMD4312 (1R1G1B) SMD4312 (1R1G1B)
Strip Length 640mm+320mm 384mm+384mm+384mm 512mm+512mm 480mm+480mm 576mm+384mm 512mm+512mm
Standard Cabinet Size
960*896*133mm 1152*1024*133mm 1024*1024*133mm 960*1280*133mm 960*1536*133mm 1024*2048*133mm
Cabinet Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 15kg/㎡ 15kg/㎡ 13kg/㎡ 12kg/㎡ 12kg/㎡ 10kg/㎡
Transparency 62% 68% 70% 76% 82% 88%
Brightness 5000nit 5000nit 5000nit 5000nit 5000nit 5000nit
Refresh Rate ≧1500Hz ≧1500Hz ≧1500Hz ≧1500Hz ≧1500Hz ≧1500Hz
Max. Power Consumption 800W/㎡ 800W/㎡ 800W/㎡ 800W/㎡ 800W/㎡ 800W/㎡
Ave. Power Consumption 300W/㎡ 300W/㎡ 300W/㎡ 300W/㎡ 300W/㎡ 300W/㎡
Horizontal Viewing Angle 160° 160° 160° 160° 160° 160°
Vertical Viewing Angle 160° 160° 160° 160° 160° 160°
Operating Voltage DC 5V
Operating Temperature/
Operating Humidity
-10~40℃ /10%-90%
Input Voltage AC 100V~240V

glass wall led display

Conventional Cabinet Customized Cabinet
(For glass-supporting point)


Installation Steps

installation of glass led display

Step1: Remove the LED strip from customized cabinet and then install the
cabinet on glass wall and fixed.
Step2: Install the removed LED strip back to the customized cabinet.

transparent LED display installation

Step3: Installing the conventional cabinet on glass wall and fixed.


installation of glass led

Step4: Installation finished, lighting and setting up the screen.

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