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    We use your ideas, to create a world of vibrant colours through BuyLED Screens.
    Rotatory LED Screens

    Buy LED Screens is revolutionizing the LED industry with a new product that can cater to a broad market in a versatile and very effective way. The Rotatory machinery is made to the highest standard of German machinery. The Mechanical Rotatory LED screens can be customized to each product.

    Transparent LED screens

    BuyLED Screens brings Transparent Indoor LED Screens this is the most innovative product on the market. Each Indoor LED Screen is fully Custom LED design. This screen has a unique shape. High transparency. Easy maintenance and most important High brightness. The transparent screen can go behind the glass and can stick on the glass only needing 70mm space.

    Indoor LED Screens

    Buy LED Screens provides the best vivid, creative and innovative Indoor LED screens, The indoor LED screens are Slim and flat, they are designed to fit and install in the smallest area. Let us know about the project, and dimensions we will deliver it on time and to the best of our abilities. Call us or email us we will be in touch with you.

    Outdoor LED Screens

    Outdoor LED Screen comes with smart monitoring and advanced technology. The panel thickness: 106mm, the panel weight is 21kg, Easy install. The advanced technology system comes with Smart Monitoring. Simple and error free.

    Cylindrical LED Screens

    Cylindrical LED Screens are one of a kind to create the WOW factor, exclusive for (Hotels, Shopping Centers, Exhibitions Centers Corporate offices, Malls, Airports, Universities, and much more). The Cylindrical screens can be used main marketing point. We can custom design to suit each project.

    Shelf Signage LED Screen

    Buy LED Screen brings Shelf Signage LED Screens. This product is currently used in Europe and US markets. This LED screen will revolutionize shopping centers which will help branding and marketing more effectively to the consumer. ( Eg: Woolworth, Coles and Aldi and much more).

    Slim Taxi LED Display

    Revolutionize your taxi advertising with our Taxi LED Display. Sleek, dynamic, and attention-grabbing, this cutting-edge technology transforms your cab into a mobile billboard. Enhance visibility, engage audiences, and make a statement on the move with our versatile Taxi LED Display solutions.

    Mobile Fast Splicing Screen

    Sail into seamless visual experiences with our Mobile Fast Splicing Screen – a portable marvel that assembles effortlessly in minutes. With the EP series, enjoy dynamic, high-impact displays anywhere, anytime. Elevate your on-the-go presentations with cutting-edge technology from Sailing.

    Outdoor Batt Operated Screen

    Illuminate any outdoor space effortlessly with our Outdoor Battery Operated Screen – where mobility meets brilliance! Enjoy hassle-free setup and vibrant displays with built-in battery convenience.

    We are industry leaders

    Buy LED Screens is backed by OmegaLED lights, the parent company is in business for the last 10 years. It started with a humble approach to providing the best solution and top quality to the customer at an affordable price. It is that approach and experience which has kept us growing year after year. Our new GOB LED (Glu on Board) is a revolutionary technology in LED screens. The GOB technology seals the module surface with transparent epoxy glue. The LED screen is protective from accidents as anti-collision, waterproof, anti-UV and dustproof. The most important factor the Life span of LEDs is extended due to heat dissipation caused by shield glue.

    Custom LED screens

    At BuyLED Screens, we custom-design each Screen as per the project requirements. It can be Indoor, Outdoor, or Rental each screen is produced to give maximum return on Investment for our Clients. Each of our LED screens goes through stringent Aging LED tests for at least over 72hrs to make sure our LED screens are robust and market leaders in quality and performance. Our technical support is the best in the Market, our support turnaround time is 3hrs window to fix all software issues.

    Our LED screens are for Rental, Pubs & Clubs, Corporate Foyer and Offices, Pylons & Signage Displays, Schools & Churches, Trailer Mounted, Media facades and Shopping centres.

    The Indoor LED screens come with the highest Refresh rate of ≥3840Hz, we offer pixel pitch under 1.9mm, 2.5mm, 2.84mm and 3.91mm for Indoor LED screens. We also offer Small pitch LED screens with Pixel Pitch 1.25mm, P1.56mm, and P1.875mm with the 16.9 cabinet Ratio. The Outdoor LED Screens start from the Pixel pitch of P5, P6, P8 and P10 SMD LED chip with high brightness of 6500cd/m2.

    At Buy LED Screens, we use SMD (Surface Mounted LED), COB (Chip on Board) or GOB (Glue on Board) and the latest HOB Chip technology. We have 4K high-resolution LED Screens. The Pixel Pitch starts from 1mm to over 20mm. Each LED Indoor or Outdoor LED screen is designed depending on the application or project. The Future of the LED Screens display is evolving in and very rapid phase. We recommend P2, P3 P4 for (Indoor) and P6, P8, P10 for (outdoor).


    Customer Service

    Buy LED Screens guarantees all its products for 36 months. We provide lifelong maintenance packages depending on each customer’s requirements. We strive to provide the best customer service at all times.

    BUY LED SCREENS today is Australia’s leading competitor of event-based screens and production services, making both small and large venue event screens affordable. We at Buy LED Screens want to use the latest technology available.

    LED  Screens can be used for Commercial advertising, Stage & Exhibitions, Sports Events, Broadcasting Media, Movie theatres, Monitoring or Command Centers, Conference Halls & Hotels, Churches, Road Traffic (RTA Management Centre ), Universities, and Schools. Hospitals, Hotels, shopping centers, Airports, Parking,  Pubs or Clubs, RSL, Nightclubs and much more…

    We have something for all your LED Projects Outdoor, Indoor, Hologram Advertising and much more


    How it works


    We at Buy LED Screens will work with you from the start of the project. We provide professional service from Custom Design, Technology integration to Commissioning , we deliver on site training, and regularly for time to time train you till you are confident to navigate the software and use your Buy LED screens to the optimal level. Buy LED Screens is part of Omega LED Lights Pty Ltd, leading company know for quality, reliability,commitment and robust customer service.


    At BuyLEDscreens we offer Three years for Outdoor LED Screens and Five years for all Indoor LED screens. If required we will provide higher Guarantee.

    Technology Training

    We provide the technical training for free, which contains the operational training on site and support.

    Maintenance & Consulation

    At BuysLEDscreens we offer lifetime maintenance for all our LED screens at affordable prices. Please speak to us if you need more information.

    Manuals & Documents

    We provide Operations manuals and LED screen software for each of our products. We also offer free three months on-site support if needed.

    CAD Drawings

    We provide free CAD drawing for installation structure, screen sizes etc. Based on the project we can do Supply, Install and maintenance package.

    Additional service

    At BuyLEDScreens we will make sure that our customers get the best support at all the time. Any additional information is provided free of cost.

    Save Time & Money

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    2024 new product

    HOB flexible LED screen

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    Customer reviews

    What our customers are saying

    BuyLED Screens has installed a 39sqm Indoor LED screen. Great company, honest and top quality. Highly recommended.

    Leon Nicorta

    GGC Life

    BuyLED Screens installed an Indoor LED screen, and a strict time frame was given. They deliver on time above and beyond. Keep up the good work guys.


    Inside Industry

    BuyLED screens have installed a P2.5mm Indoor LED screen, this is for Sydney Office. They did an amazing job, were very experienced and professional and had great after-sales- service.

    Brooke Winchester

    Herbalife Nutrition

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    We have something for all your LED Projects Outdoor, Indoor, Hologram Advertising and much more


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