Different type of Indoor LED Screens

by admin, August 8, 2019
Indoor LED Screens are innovating a very fast phase.  As the Indoor LED screens product is developing into different areas of us so is the software the technology to support it. Indoor LED screens are used in  Schools, Universities, RTA management centres, Monitoring centres, Hotels, Boardrooms, shopping centres, shops, offices and many more to come.

Indoor LED screens can be customized as per each project. As it is indoor, the LED screen is very easy to maintain.

– Different Type of Indoor LED Screen

  • SMD LED Indoor Screens
  • COB LED Indoor Screens (Behind the Glass for showrooms, universities, basically for advertising and marketing)
  • Corporate office (Conference rooms, Schools, Universities etc)
  • Advertising (Glass-free 3D Display)



At BuyLED Screens, we can supply LED screens which are purely user of Indoor example in shopping malls, hotels, schools, universities, churches. A new Trend has started in Indoor LED screens, which are more focus on the marketing & advertising companies. This is a completely new area and it is growing at a very rapid speed.

These LED screens are all customized they can be used behind the glass example of a showroom, office, universities, hotel. These Indoor LED screens are easy to install. The maintenance of these LED Screens is done very easily. Attached are a few images which show about the Indoor Screens.


Indoor LED screens can start from very high Pixel Pitch 1.26 mm UHD (Ultra High Definition) to Pixel Pitch of 5mm. It all depends on the project location, area, current light etc. We at BuyLED Screen inspect the site. We do CAD design to make sure the solution provided is the very best. Indoor LED Screen usually has higher views angle for 160 deg.


Maintenance of Indoor LED screens is very easy. The screen usually has a higher life and less failure rate.  The maintenance can also be done from both Back and Front. With BuyLED Screens, we make sure the screens which we install have both Front and Back maintenance.

The Warranty of Indoor LED Screens is 3years, at Buy LED Screens will provide extended WARRANTY or Complete maintenance plan, please let us know beforehand.

Speak to us @ 0431170902 if you need further information on Indoor LED screen we provide services all over Australia in all the major cities – Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, New Castle & Gold Coast. Our Email add – sales@buyledscreens.com.au 



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