LED Transparent Screen

LED Transparent Screen

The LED INDOOR HOLOGRAM FILM SCREEN is a breakthrough in traditional LED displays. With world-class zero-code patent technology and dozens of related patents for film screens, the lightweight (2KG/㎡), thin (1-3mm), and transparent INDOOR HOLOGRAM FILM SCREENs have pushed the industry to new heights.

The INDOOR HOLOGRAM FILM SCREEN is beautiful and straightforward to install. Using our specific bare chip, high transparency, and high-temperature-resistant high-end material board, the screen easily achieves a transparency rate of up to 90%.

LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen

Installation method

It can be installed without a back frame and spliced left and right, up and down for a display height or width of 2-3 meters. Additionally, it is light in weight, has no strict requirements for bearing capacity, and can be bent and cut as needed.

The LED HOLOGRAM FILM SCREEN only weighs 2KG, making it easy for a single person to install and move the product. This saves time and lowers installation expenses. The module that is less than 2mm in thickness can be mounted onto transparent glass without any visible seams, creating a seamless integration. Industry debut, no structural keel! Truly fully transparent, visual transparency can reach 99%

The LED Transparent Hologram Screen is the most cost effective way to create, display your products, market all across the suburbs, cities. BuyLED Screen supply, install and software integration. The Transparent Screen are very light and easy to install small areas to as large as possible. 

This product is best for all the sign writing companies to install behind any glass window for Shops, Restaurants, Offices, Shopping centers, Hotels, Gym, and many more c. It is completely safe to install.

We at BuyLED screen can come to your site and provide you the complete install quote. This product comes with 3years warranty. We provide our service all across Australia.


LED Transparent Screen

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