Intelligent & Energy Saving Outdoor LED Screens

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Outdoor LED Screen comes with smart monitoring and advanced technology. The panel thickness: 106mm, the panel weight is 21kg, Easy install. The advanced technology system comes with Smart Monitoring. Simple and error free.

The Real-time monitoring of sending the card, receiving the card, module signal, temperature and voltage. The best part it connects to PC, Tablets, Ipads, Smartphones and remotely.

Custom LED Design

The Pixel Pitch starts from 6.4mm / 8mm/10.66mm/16mm . The modules come with low power consumption.  The units are stable and tested for extreme weather and harsh conditions come with 5 Years Guarantee.


Billboards on Motorways, Airports, Shopping centres, Malls, Stadium, Corporate offices much more.

1.Billboards on Motorways –  Can display the different colourful banners.

2.Airports – Can show the flight timing both arrival and departure also can run any important information to the customers.

3.Shopping Centers or Malls – Can display the products and especially the super sale or sale items during Christmas or Easter or special occasions times.

4.Corporate offices – Can display the company the cord values, achievements, graphs and any new innovative product to the potential client.


We look after you from the start of the project to custom design, supply install and complete software training.  We offer free technical support for up to 6 months.


All Buy LED Screens especially the Outdoor LED Screens can be controlled by any mobile or wireless network. We will supply the modem, or directional antenna or will try to upgrade the network cable to Cat6 if needed.                                                                                          

Please call us 0431170902 or email us: sales@buyledscreens.com.au, if you need any more information we are just phone call away. We are more than happy to assist you with your next project.

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