Advertising or Rental LED Screens

Rental or Advertising LED Screens



Latest in Advertising and Rental Screens all connected to the mobile network.

The Buy LED screens, Indoor and Outdoor Advertising and Rental LED screens gives the power to the digital signage, the ability to target the audience, flexible and cost-effective. The Digital Signage software can be operated from any number of locations, an update from the head office or from the local individual store.

The Indoor and Outdoor Advertising LED screen will cater to the individual needs and it has the ability to advertise instantly from the store can help the slow-moving stock.

Pixel pitch of 2mm, best waterproof IP65/54, Outdoor Ultra HD LED screens display, crystal clear and vivid images. The LED screens come with High brightness and auto adjust according to the environment.

These Screens come with the Intelligent management system, easy to navigate understand and work with.

Easy Plug and play use,  The screens come with both Floor and Column installation, all are custom design as per the requirement, Easy to transport and install.  The Buy LED Screens product is slim and lightweight, we can custom design as per the location (colour, shape, and size). Amazing how these LED screens and revolutionize the marketing and work wonders on ROI.


All connected via a Mobile network (3G/ 4G, WAN Or LAN).   Easy to update, edit at your fingertips. Intel HD Graphics: Memory, It comes with Free USB playlist builder. Supported MP4, PNG, JPG.

The Screens comes with USB, Power Cable, Socket, Switch, HDMI & VGA, it has video & intel player remote controls.

Call us at 0431170902 or Email us – Sales@buyledscreens.com.au if you need any more information we are just a phone call or click away and happy to assist and work with you on your next or existing project.

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