Transparent Indoor LED screens

Transparent Indoor LED screens

Transparent Indoor LED Screen

Buy LED Screens brings Transparent Indoor LED Screens this is the most innovative product on the market. Each Indoor LED Screen is fully  Custom LED design.  This screen has a unique shape. High transparency. Easy maintenance and most important High brightness.

The pixel pitch can be 5mm / 6mm to 16mm again depending upon the requirement and custom design. The Cabinet is fully Aluminum.  The screen has Horizontal and Vertical view angles of 160 deg


Car Showrooms: To show new models and advertise the specials. Shopping Mall, Corporate Offices, Stadiums, Airports,  Fast foods ( MacDonalds/ Hungry Jacks etc. )Exhibition Centers, Hotels etc.

We can custom design this product to almost any requirement.

Transparent Indoor LED screens Renault
Transparent Indoor LED screens

Customized Shape

Buy LED Screens Transparent Indoor LED Screen display size that can be customised according to
your next project requirements. The product can be made in various forms, sizes and shapes. The screens are glass mounted and match the glass perfectly.

High Transparency

Transparent LED Screen has 70% high transparency,
and some can reach 90%. This product is very innovative easy maintenance. The screen has no effect on from the indoor lighting

Transparent Indoor LED screens
Transparent Indoor LED screens

Easy Maintenance

Buy LED Screens Transparent LED Screen support front maintenance.
Individual strip design. Easy to replace, will save downtime. The Screen is very lightweight and easy to install. The strip length is 640mm+320mm / 512mm+512mm / 480mm+480mm / 384mm+384mm+384mm etc. and much more as per the design and requirement.

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LED Screens products widely used in outdoor advertising, cultural and recreational activity, stadium and stage background with its full colour LED displays advantages.

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