What is LED Screens ?

by admin, August 8, 2019
History of LED screen technology?

Light emitting diode(LED) started in the early 1960’s. As the time move, with technology and innovation in PCB and LED. The current LED screen is very efficient, Screen management software is very easy to navigate and communication technology shifted from site to PC/ Tablet and Mobile. The future is all wireless. There is a big change happening now from 4G to 5G network it will further enhance in more innovation.

Before choosing the LED screens, we want to know what kind of LED screens technology are available in the market.  How is all started? Which one is the most innovative in terms of  ROI, Quality, CRI, Brightness etc?

It all started with DIP technology, which is still used due to the budget, but will be obsolete in the coming years. The latest LED chip used in any LED screens is either SMD or COB. (Surface Mounted or Chip on Board)

Which Chip is best of the LED screen?

We at BuyLED screens only use either SMD or COB  LED chip technology.  They are the latest and we can customize the size of the LED chip, that will be used for the project.  SMD chip uses SMT technology (Surface mounting technology) to mount LED chip on the printed circuit board.

 Benefits of SMD

  • SMD LED chip uses smaller components, which reflects higher density and more connection for each component.
  • Cost effective and all done through SMT machines and robotics.
  • Error ratio is very low as each component soldering done through the machine and goes through various testing, quality control checks.
  • There are very low resistance and inductance in connections, it created high performance and low maintenance.
  • Better under extreme situation shake or vibration.

 Benefits of COB

  • COB LED chip is multi-LED chip packed into one light module.
  • It has better thermal resistance as per heat etc.
  • COB has a better cooling area, better light effect and higher brightness.
  • The failure rate of COB LED is less.


How to choose the Screen size?

At BuyLED Screen, our first approach is to gather information (Indoor / Outdoor)

If Outdoor ( Area, height, sunlight, usage, viewing angle etc)

If Indoor ( Area, height, viewing distance etc)

Based on the above and few more as per the location, we provide the solution of the LED screen.

Speak to us @ 0431170902 if you need further information on  LED screen we provide services all over Australia in all the major cities – Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, New Castle & Gold Coast. Our Email add – sales@buyledscreens.com.au 


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