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From the raw material to design and manufacturing, assembly and ageing test, Buy LED Screens carries out every step one by one to guarantee the quality. We believe in continuous improvement.

Integrity & Efficiency

Prices of Buy LED Screens’s products are very competitive to us the price, quality and after Sales & Service is most important. We believe these three factors will lead us to the top.

Customer Service

Buy LED Screens guarantees all its products for 36 months. We provide lifelong maintenance packages depending upon each customer requirements. We strive to provide the best customer service at all times.

Buy LED Screens started with a humble beginning over 6 years. We are proud to say that our First Outdoor Double-sided LED screen preformed to its quality, performance and value to the customer. We were the first company at that time to offer a 5years warranty on parts and labour. 

The LED screen working well, till the date. This work gave us confidence in the quality of our Product and we can server better to our clients. We have a team of experienced installer and technicians. Our technical side support to our clients can be done on site or remotely. Most of our LED screens now we pre- programmed it for smooth installation.

We make sure that video software training is done completely before we handover the LED screen to our customer and we are ready to support.



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LED is light emitting – diode goes back to 1960’s the technology in LED screens has evolved at a very rapid pace. In Buy LED Screens products we use the latest in LED industry either an SMD(Surface Mounted LED) or COB (Chip Onboard) Technology for our LED screens. Each LED emits three colours – Red, Green and Blue which light up and need to create the image or as per application.


An SMD LED chip uses surface – mounted technology (SMT) to mount the chip on the PCB (Printed Circuit boards). The SMD chip can work on its own or its connected to compatible LED media processors. COB ( Chip on Board) is the latest technology in LED, it uses multiple diodes on the same chip. This improves the illuminative quality of LED. The COB uses one circuit and two contacts only. It uses more diodes, which reflect in multi-directional lighting or uniform in all directions. Cost wise it is almost 10% cheaper than SMD chip. COB can deliver a high number of lumens at high wattage.


Pixel pitch is the core when it comes to buying or deciding on the screens size and viewing distance. It is measured in millimetres and centre to centre distance between pixels. Buy LED screens provide from 2mm to 20mm pixel pitch depend upon the project either indoor or outdoor.


A viewing distance is, as long as text or image is not pixelated. It also depends on brightness and viewing angle. At Buy LED screens we make sure that we do our homework and provide the best solution at all times.


Buy LED screens cabinet are made of Aluminium.


At BuyLED screens, we offer TWO, THREE and extended FIVE years warranty. During the warranty, we will replace damaged parts FREE of charge, in case they are interstate, we will charge a reasonable fee for the replacement.


On BuyLED screens, you can display anything from images jpeg, full HD images, videos, you can connect the screen with HDMI and wifi can play Foxtel, Tv or Graphics information.


As discussed above we offer different warranty for Indoor, Outdoor, etc.  The warranty depends upon the different factors of usage and screen. All the screens are custom built so the warranty can be arranged at the time of Quote.


We also offer maintenance and service packages as an extended warranty for Five years and beyond on case by case base

As part of our sales and quote, we offer Free training to all our new and existing clients. The Free Training is offered up to the first 1 month after the screen is installed. Please let us know if you need additional training or if you want us you manage the screen for you.


At BuyLED screens, we want to provide you with all the information and communicate with you at every level, as customer experience is a key focus of our business.


If you have any more questions, please email us – sales@buyledscreens.com.au or Call us directly on 0431170902.

Buy LED Screens products widely used in outdoor advertising, cultural and recreational activity, stadium and stage background with its full colour LED displays advantages.

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Easy Maintenance

Buy LED Screens Transparent LED Screen support front maintenance.
Individual strip design. Easy to replace, will save the downtime. The Screen is very lightweight and easy to install. The strip length 640mm+320mm / 512mm+512mm / 480mm+480mm / 384mm+384mm+384mm etc and much more as per the design and requirement.

Call us at 0431170902 or email us: sales@buyledscreens.com.au  if you need any more information for your next project. Happy to assist you with your next project.

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