Cylindrical LED Screens

Cylindrical LED Screens

Cylindrical LED Screens

Buy LED Screens Cylindrical LED Screens one of its kind to create the WoW factor, exclusive for (Hotels, Shopping Centers, Exhibitions Centers Corporate offices, Malls, Airports, Universities, and much more).

The Cylindrical LED Screens, designed to meet and exceed the expectations of each client. These screens are bigger and required more details project work due to the complexity of the design. We at Buy LED Screen assure you when you work with us we will keep the two-way communication at every stage as the project progress.

The Cylindrical LED Screens are  Custom LED designed and can be designed as Sphere circle, barrel cuboids, square and many more shapes as per the project.
This has very high transparency LED Screens and easy maintenance, the Cylindrical LED screen, are made as lightweight as it can be.

Cylindrical LED Screens
Cylindrical LED Screens

Buy LED Screens

Cylindrical LED Screens has 70% high transparency. The Pixel Pitch can be  H5mm, V7mm, H6mm, V8mm and up to 16mm. The structure is Aluminium, the view Angel and reaches both Horizontal and Vertical to 160deg.

The Steps start with the Drawings,  Designing parts and calculate the quantity. Production of each module and aging test to make sure it works in all working environment. The last is installation.  After every install, we give free training and support to the client is confident to navigate the software.

It can reach up to 80%. We at Buy LED Screens look after you from start to finish. We Supply and install and do complete maintenance.

Easy Installation

Buy LED Screen, Cylindrical LED Screens have small and quick installation. Each module panel has Individual LED strip design which is very easy to install. The individual LED strip are marked and are assembled as per the design, which makes it very easy to maintain and service.

Cylindrical LED Screens
Cylindrical LED Screens

Dynamic Designs

Best LED Screen in the Industry, Creative and Innovative design.
SMD technology with very high efficiency.

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LED Screens products widely used in outdoor advertising, cultural and recreational activity, stadium and stage background with its full colour LED displays advantages.

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