Rotatory LED Screens

Rotatory LED Screens

Buy LED Screens is revolutionizing the LED industry with a new product that can cater to a broad market in a versatile and very effective way. The Rotatory machinery is made to the highest standard of German machinery. The Mechanical Rotatory LED screens can be customised to each product. 

The Screen can be used as Indoor and Outdoor LED screens. The Rotate mode can be used in 8 Modes, from positive and negative rotation, cross, semi-synchronous and synchronous rotations. The Rotate speed can be customised. The LED screens come with a high refresh rate.

Rotatory LED Screens
Rotatory LED Screens


Rotatory LED screens are produced in P3, P3.5mm, P4 and P2 pixel Pitch. The LED module comes with a Flexible LED. The Flexible LED screen size can be 240*120mm/ 200*200mm Flat.

The Screen size and module can be customized as per the project. The current Maximum height for the Rotatory LED screen is 4390mm with a diameter of 1600mm for the bigger size. The other sizes are 4350mm/1600mm,2990mm/1025mm and the smallest one is 1600mm/500mm.

All the Rotatory LED screen are connected by Mobile App.

The Rotatory LED screen come in Nine Layers, 3 sides Display with Multi-type roatation modes. The motor the noise free built to highest quality under German technology, the movement are quiet and designed to easy installation.

The videos and images are synchronized and automatically fit to the rotation.



BuyLED screen is the leading provider of Rotatory LED screen. We will supply, Install and provide complete training for the software integration and support. 

Once we get the product we will design the complete solution work with the mechanical, civil and electrical contractors and make sure the project will comply with the local regulation and safety standards are kept up to the required standards of the council, state or territory.

Buy LED screen will provide complete 3years Warranty for the product.  For the software, we will provide support till the life of the product.

We service all from Canberra / Melbourne/ Brisbane / Adelaide / Perth and Northern Territory and Hobart.


Rotatory LED Screens

Call BuyLED screen for more information; we will supply and install all the products that come with 3 Years Warranty.

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