Shelf Signage LED Screen

Shelf Signage LED Screen

Shelf Signage LED Screens

Buy LED Screen brings Shelf Signage LED Screens. This product is currently used in Europe and US markets.  This LED screen will revolutionize shopping centers (Eg: Woolworth, Coles and Aldi and much more).
Digital shelf LED screen capable to advertise the latest price, specials, or seasons specials, it helps to move the stock fast and noticed by the customers the movement they enter the store.

The products can be displayed individually and prices and images can be uploaded and changed with a click. The promotion can be designed as per the footfall and products it will help both the store, and supplier, and give more time to staff to work on other important areas.

The best part is it can be managed by one person and can be programmed hourly, daily, and weekly as per the need of each store. The Shelf Signage LED Screens will keep the store seen and heard and most importantly keep the brand image intact.
All the information displayed lives on the shelf, giving the customer real-time savings and promotions and a high return on Investment.
High transparency; High brightness.

Application:  Shopping centres, Malls, Stores etc.

Most Innovative product with Pixel Pitch: 1.875mm, Contrast: 2000:1

Module Size: 300mm*60mm*18.8mm, Shockproof, Dustproof and Easy to install.

Shelf Signage LED Screen
Shelf Signage LED Screen

Easy Maintenace

The Self Signage LED Screens are easy to maintain,  each module is separate and interconnected to communicate. The Self Signage LED Screen is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.  For maintenance COB (Chip on Board) screens can be wiped, unlike the SMD screens.

Standard Module Size

The Buy LED Screens, Self Signage LED Screens comes with Standard Module size: 300mm*60mm*18.8mm. The screen is easy to install and the connection is a simple plug for power and communication. The screen is designed with magnet and shackle to be installed.  To install the screen No tool is required, quick to install and easy to remove and maintained.
Shelf Signage LED Screen
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