Conference or Boardrooms LED Screens

Gone are the day’s of Projectors in Conference Rooms & Boardrooms. BuyLED screens present the latest and most innovative LED screens specially designed for Conference and Boardrooms.

The Conference & Boardrooms screen has a viewing angle of 160 deg ultra-wide view angle for perfect viewing all the time.  A projector has a typical lifespan of 600 hrs, the BuyLED screens have a lifespan of  100,000 hrs. The screen has perfect colour and brightness. This all reflects lower running cost and less maintenance.

The Conference & Boardroom screens have all in one wireless connection for sharing, navigating and communicating. It comes with an HDMI connection, with one click pay and navigation software.

The Board & Conference room LED screens to come with multiple options to cater for 30, 60 or 100 people conference rooms. These screens can be customized as per the requirement and project.

Pls call or email us with the information – sales@buyledscreens.com.au / 0431170902